The Sanctuary is a small family farm near Athens in Central Greece.

NB. This project is a design fiction only! 
This place really does exist, but it is NOT a prayer farm as this webpage least not yet! We hope it inspires a hunger and thirst for the kind of prayer-based missional communities Origin Club hopes to one day build and plant all over Greece and the Eastern Med.
Since 2008 our family has been busy regenerating this beautiful 3.5 acre site comprised of olive groves and vineyards, fruit orchards and vegetable gardens, chickens and ducks and cats and dogs!
Today we invite you to come and play in a brand new community-project-in-residence hosted by Agile Life co-founders Marcus and Emily Letts.
Join our growing family as we gather regularly for Friends Weekends and Farm Days on The Sanctuary —only 1 hour from Central Athens and Athens airport!

What is The Sanctuary?

The Sanctuary is a prayer farm

Our heart is for this to be a place of blessing: 

A sanctuary serving individuals, families and communities based in Athens from which living waters may flow. 


The Sanctuary is a farm school.

Our vision is for this to be a test site and launchpad:

A meeting place from which a network of prayer-based missional communities might be inspired and take root all over Greece. 

Who is Jesus?

Everyone is welcome on The Sanctuary. That's why making our identity and purpose explicit is so important to us!

If this is an experiment in community building then "who is Jesus" is our primary research question. 


Co-hosts Marcus and Emily Letts believe in Jesus, a humble Middle Eastern carpenter who walked the Earth 2,000 years ago and said “I am God.”

"We explicitly identify with Jesus. He is the lens we live by! He frames everything we value and shapes the things we choose to do together. This is the fabric of our shared experience — an actual, lived out relationship with an actual, living Jesus."

Got questions? So do we!

What is Agile Life?

Underpinning everything we do on The Sanctuary is a social technology with a spiritual purpose:

To make disciples and plant Kingdom cultures, centred on Jesus, on every mountain of our 21st century life.

Agile Life is not about an idea, or a set of beliefs. It is not a religion. It is about relationship with a person. 

The Agile Life Tree is an educational and discipleship model —adapted from Agile Learning Facilitation —explicitly intended to help ordinary people like us cultivate an everyday relationship with an extraordinary God. 

Agile Life is about how we live and learn, work and play, as families, in our schools, in our business life and as church communities. We seek to ask big life-sized questions and discover life-changing answers together. We learn by doing — courageously embracing the mistakes we make along the way — in order that we might grow in faith and share experiences which enrich and edify our lives.

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What Happens at The Sanctuary?


We learn and grow in a soil that is cultivated and
made fertile by our actively living in relationship
— with God, with people and with nature. Just like in any garden, it is

healthy soil which makes for fruitful lives!


We believe God created every individual with a special purpose, blessing each of us with unique gifts so that we might pour out our lives in service of others— and by doing so learn to live exceedingly abundantly!


Prayer is our superpower! We're learning to pray in daily rhythms and being transformed by this game-changing truth: we have everyday access to unshakeable love, peace and joy — simply by sharing our lives with Him in prayer!


We believe in infinite play and encourage one another to explore life courageously. We embrace extraordinary mistakes which happen in service of extraordinary learning. Because God's grace is limitless and his children are made to be free!


Because we step into lives of joy, peace and love through gates of thanksgiving and praise! Everyday is a good day to celebrate something here — whether a season, a fruit, a relationship or any other part of God's creation. 

What's the vision?

Our vision for The Sanctuary is "a prayer farm and farm school." 


Though we have do not currently have access to this test site—which is in fact a private property graciously made available to us for the purposes of this design fiction—our prayer is one day a place like this will become a launchpad for a regional network of land-based missional communities.

Furthermore, our vision for The Sanctuary is designed to dovetail with Origin Club— a project development agency dedicated to an emerging Church-Supported Agriculture sector in Greece and the wider Eastern Med.  

Here's co-hosts Marcus and Emily Letts to explain more! 


"Following a two year cycle of R&D in rural Evia, we’re learning to humble ourselves and start with what we have: our young family on this small family farm. Initially The Sanctuary is simply an idea—God willing—can help to spark conversations and generate opportunities to meet with like-minded people and projects and seek the presence of God together. 

Meanwhile, we continue to hold a vision to one day help build and plant a network of co-living projects and research farms for the cultivation of holistic, family-friendly lifestyles which seek the Kingdom first: a model that we believe may thrive again in the Eastern Med's long forgotten rural places.


If you’d like to discover more about Origin Club—or if you'd like to become a member of our experimental community—please reach out and say hello.


We’d truly love to hear from you!"



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What facilities exist on The Sanctuary?

Camp-out or AirBNB

Come and stay in one of our 6 x fully equipped luxury CanvasCamp bell tents! 


This year we've been busy developing a beautiful landscaped campsite serviced by 3 x compost loos and 3 x showers within our 200 tree olive grove with ample space for groups of up to 50. If camping isn't your thing, then come and stay in Rainbow Gardens very own AirBNB-style apartment—available for hire!

Rainbow Kitchen

Healthy wholesome food is a passion of ours—we do our best to eat the rainbow everyday!


 Expect fresh, organic and homegrown fruit and vegetables, our very own free range eggs and easily the world’s best olive oil. Even beyond what we’re growing on our farm, we’re committed to sourcing the best local ingredients and encouraging others in our community to do the same.


Did you know The Sanctuary is also the new home of our non-formal education project—and Christian homeschool collective—Nature Play ALC 

We offer activities like nature crafts and scavenger hunts, free play in our gardens—including sandpit and plunge pool—plus a clearly structured open space to offer + request workshops and activities for both children and adults.


Interested in hiring The Sanctuary for your next meet-up, retreat or workshop? 

Curious to learn more?

Who We're Inspired By:

The Sanctuary is here to serve! Discover who we're learning from and getting to know better in 2019.  

Curious to learn more? Excited to partner up?  

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