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Origin Club's Lesvos pilot is an olive harvesting scheme due to commence in Autumn 2019.

Our short term goal is to establish a pioneering Church-Supported Agriculture scheme on the refugee-inundated Greek island of Lesvos. We hope to demonstrate strong initial demand and a steadily increasing supply for what will become Origin Club's flagship producta highest quality refugee-harvested cold-pressed extra virgin Greek olive oil. 
If you or your church would like to become one of Origin Club's founding members by supporting this Lesvos pilot scheme, we'd love to hear from you.  
Support Origin Club's pilot project on Lesvos by pre-ordering your
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       Or simply reach out to arrange a Skype with project lead Marcus Letts to discover more. 

What is Origin Club?

Our Lesvos pilot scheme is a vocational discipleship programme. 

Our heart is to help meet a clear and urgent need for a) disciple-making and b) practical skills training within the refugee community on Lesvos.

We believe this scheme is an opportunity to bless both refugees and local Greek people by offering a simple but profitable olive harvesting service to landowners thatif successfulcould have applications in other rural places across Greece and the wider Eastern Med. 


Our Lesvos project is a pioneering initiative in Church-Supported Agriculture.

Our goal is to begin connecting the global Church in support of this pioneering scheme and others like it. 

We believe the Church is uniquely positioned to respond to a convergence of crises in modern agriculture. This pilot on Lesvos will help us discover how many other brothers and sisters in Christ around the world believe this too. 

How does it work?

Did you know there are about eleven million olive trees on Lesvos?

Evenmore incredibly, it is estimated that up to 50% of these olives regularly don't get harvested!  

Meanwhile, of the many thousands of unemployed refugees held-up in this hotspot (typically for six months to one year) a small but significant fraction are newly converted Christians. Despite the existence of multiple Christian ministries on the island the need for more vocational discipleship and job training is becoming increasingly clear.

  • Origin Club will meet this need whilst equipping our refugee interns with skills training in agriculture, community enterprise and group facilitationplus English language basics.

  • Everything we do will be underpinned by Agile Life; a discipleship model designed to help ordinary people cultivate an everyday relationship with an extraordinary God. 

  • By integrating our study with physical work in the fields, our Lesvos pilot will be sustainable and scalable by generating its own revenue model.

  • It will furthermore provide local landowners with an attractive olive harvesting service and much needed income boost.

  • Finally this scheme's profits will be reinvested in a Common Fund —made accessible to our refugee alumni as a simple but effective micro-finance instrumentdesigned to help this scheme (and others like it) grow and multiply both on Lesvos and across Greece in the years to come.

Because of the economics of direct marketing, we believe this scheme will be profitable even whilst offering our supporters (almost exclusively local churches in Europe, the US and elsewhere) a unique product of outstanding quality and good value in exchange for their support.

We hope you catch the vision.

Please pray for us!  

What is Agile Life?

Underpinning everything Origin Club does is a social technology with a spiritual purpose:

To make disciples and plant Kingdom cultures, centred on Jesus, on every mountain of our 21st century life.

Agile Life is not about an idea, or a set of beliefs. It is not a religion. It is about relationship with a person. 

The Agile Life Tree is an educational and discipleship model —adapted from Agile Learning Facilitation —explicitly intended to help ordinary people cultivate everyday relationships with an extraordinary God. 

Agile Life is about how we live and learn, work and playas families, in our schools, in our business life and as church communities. We use this unique approach to discipleship to balance self-direction with intentional culture creation as we ask big life-sized questions and seek life-changing answers together. Origin Club is committed to learning by doing — courageously embracing the mistakes we make along the way — in order that we might grow in faith and share experiences which enrich and edify our lives.

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How does Origin Club work?


We learn and grow in the soil of faith that is cultivated and
made fertile by our actively living in relationship
— with God, with people and with nature. Just like in any garden, it is

healthy soil which makes for fruitful lives!


We believe God created every individual with a special purpose, blessing each of us with unique gifts so that we might pour out our lives in service of others— and by doing so learn to live exceedingly abundantly!


Prayer is our superpower! We're learning to pray in daily rhythms and being transformed by this game-changing truth: we have everyday access to unshakeable love, peace and joy — simply by sharing our lives with Him in prayer!



We believe in infinite play and encourage one another to explore life courageously. We embrace extraordinary mistakes which happen in service of extraordinary learning. Because God's grace is limitless and his children are made to be free!


Because we step into lives of joy, peace and love through gates of thanksgiving and praise! Everyday is a good day to celebrate something — whether a season, a fruit, a relationship or any other part of God's creation. 

What's the vision?

Origin Club's Lesvos pilot is the first step in a brand new initiative.


We believe our project development agency can help build and plant a new Church-Supported Agriculture movement and marketplace in Greece and the Eastern Med in the coming years.


And yet we rejoice in serving a God who does not despise humble beginnings. In 2019 our goals are modest, and our focus will be predominantly on faithfully discipling our initial intake of only 18 - 24 refugees. Nevertheless we recognise the exciting potential of an olive harvesting scheme that could scale and be applied all over Greece —not to mention the wider Eastern Med —in the years to come. 

Here's founder Marcus Letts to explain more: 

"Thank you for your interest in our Lesvos pilot project!

We believe God is mighty to save —especially in times of crisis and confusion —and that He will be faithful in providing the increase as we steward Origin Club's massive and transformative vision in the years to come step by step, stumble by stumble! 

From simple olive harvesting schemes to state-of-the-art Agriculture Research Centres (ARCs) our eager expectation is for revival in the Eastern Med's rural places as both locally and globally we (the Church) awaken to our unique preparedness for this very hourboth as providers of practical solutions to 21st Century problems and as sharers of the eternally and universally relevant Good News!

Please join us in prayer by signing up to our monthly Prayer Rumble. And if you're able to support us financially —either by joining the Club as Founding Sponsors or by pre-ordering Origin Club olive oilplease don't hesitate to do so! 

Thanks again, and God bless you."

Three ways to help kick-start Origin Club today!


Pre-order olive oil

Our goal is to harvest up to half a ton of olives per day during the 10 weeks of our initial 2019 scheme.

1t takes approximately 5 tons of olives to produce a single ton of cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil. We therefore hope to market and distribute up to 4 tons of Origin Club olive oil from early 2020. If you and your church would like to support us—and by doing so enjoy some of the world's best olive oil—now is a good time to express your interest! 

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Join our Club   

Origin Club is exactly that—a club!  Our heart is to connect a global community of consumers with local producers on the ground in Greece and the Eastern Med in the coming years. This is about growing together in lasting and committed relationships. It's about going on a learning journey together where only God knows our destination! 

If you're ready to get behind us by making a regular or one-off commitment to Origin Club—whether as an individual, local church or church network—we'd truly love to hear from you. 



Pray for us!

We know this God-sized vision is only possible if everything we do is prayer-based. 

Origin Club is therefore committed to taking our vision forwards step by step as we listen carefully and respond obediently to His voice.

We know this is unlikely to be a business strategy that appeals to the wider world. Which is why our heart is to be yoked together with a community of supporters, customers and investors who will join us in prayer every step of the way—even in the mis-steps!

If you feel yourself being stirred to action, then sign up to our monthly prayer rumble today!

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Interested in making a commitment and becoming part of the Origin Club family? Curious to learn more?

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