Euboea Developments
We are curating and co-producing a diverse spectrum of retreats and micro-festivals in order to attract the talent that we need to regenerate the Region of Euboea into one of Europe's most innovative destinations. 

The Plan

Demonstrating a new model for economic and cultural development

Below are the key facilities we plan to build out at Faracla...

A live work studio and co-working space, which can also be used to host retreats & leadership programmes

A maker-space and building workshop used to design and build semi-temporary facilities

A landscape led micro-festival & eco-resort infrastructure with additional event production services

A smart residential village where residents can build out their dream homes and spaces

Below are the key events & programmes we plan to host...

IO Retreat. Elysion Festival. Landstory Convergence. Birthstory. Archetype Apprenticeships. Vilivo Labs. Futurescape Accelerator. Farmagedon Accelerator. StartupAid Campus.

Exploring new agri-business solutions to regenerate the Greek economy

A one year

design-led conscious business accelerator programme

Prototyping the refugee camp of the future in response to the migration crisis

Want to launch a micro-festival in Greece?

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