We are demonstrating a new model for economic and cultural development


Our plan is to transform the 10,000 acre Candili Estate into a dream space for the world's makers, entrepreneurs and artists to call their home.


Key Functions

Maker space & building jams

Micro-festivals in

landscape oasis

21st century campus for refugess

Live-in research & innovation lab

Conscious business 



Marcus Letts is a design thinker and event producer who is relocating to Greece in order to lead on the Archetype IO. He is the catalyst of One Planet Productions and Elysion Fields, as well as being  a co-founder of Landstory: a participatory design process for ethical development. 


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Contact email : marcus@candili.io

Anton Chernikov is the founder of The Exponentials, Studio X and Futurescape. He is a serial entrepreneur and designer who has built and accelerated dozens of social ventures. He also has a degree in Architecture from the Bartlett (UCL).


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Contact email : anton@candili.io


Email : anton@candili.io
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