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The Seed is Jesus...

We explicitly identify with Jesus. This is the lens we live by! He frames everything we value and shapes the things we choose to do together.


This is the fabric of our shared experience — an actual, lived out relationship with an actual, living Jesus. 

...The Fruit is Love

The fruit of a life lived like Jesus is love, exceedingly and abundantly. The goal of the gospel is literally to become love! 


Life-changing, world-changing love is fruitful. It produces visible, measurable outcomes which powerfully impact our lives. 

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Agile Life Tree.004.jpeg

Meet the Hosts


Marcus Letts is a farmer, an Agile Learning Facilitator and event producer with a background in design thinking and political science. He is the founder of Origin Club and a co-founder of Agile Life.

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Emily Letts is the founder of BirthStory and Nature Play ALC, as well as being a co-founder of Agile Life. She has degrees in Psychology (BSc) from the York and Social Anthroplogy (MA) from SOAS and is the devoted mama of Seth (5) and Lucas (2).


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Who We're Playing With

Rainbow Gardens is now open! Discover who we're getting to know better in 2019.  

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Curious to learn more? Excited to partner up?  

A social technology (with a spiritual purpose).

Living an Agile Life is not about an idea, or a set of beliefs, or even a religion. It is about living in relationship with each other, and with one very special person.


The Agile Life Tree is an educational model explicitly intended to help ordinary people like us cultivate an everyday relationship with JesusBecause we believe the fruit of a life lived like Jesus is love, exceedingly and abundantly. In simple terms, the goal of the gospel is literally to become love!


Following Jesus is radical. Try it and you'll see! 

It's life-changing and world-changing, producing visible, measurable outcomes which powerfully impact our lives and those of others around us. 

So what's the goal? - we hear you ask!
It's every bit as simple as the gospel: to be disciples who make disciples by learning to live and love like Jesus—in every season, on every mountain, and in the life of every person.

Placing everything we do at the feet of our King is a daily challenge.

But we know it is possible, and have committed our lives to becoming disciples together, step by step, stumble by stumble! 

We’re trained Agile Learning Facilitators with huge hearts for social and environmental justice. Today, we believe the solution to every problem in our complex, 21st Century lives is remarkably simple: to seek the Kingdom first!

We believe a new Jesus movement will sweep the nation of Greece over the coming years. And yet our call to action is about starting small, even as small as our next Friends Weekend or Farm Day on  Rainbow Gardens.


Let’s make new friends and grow together!


Our Inspiration
Who are we learning from...


Agile Learning Centres, A global network


The Jesus School, Youth for Christ, Australia 


The Bible Project, Portland, USA


Circuit Riders, California, USA

Wild + Free, A beautiful homeschool community


Upperroom, Dallas, USA

24-7 Prayer, Global


Praxis Labs, New York, USA


The Benedict Option, USA

Unlocking the Next Economy, Bridport, UK