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Nature Play ALC is excited to announce a modular training course in Agile Learning Facilitation in Athens, Greece this Spring and Summer.

This series of ALF Weekend workshops will offer children and adults an immersive, playful experience of Agile Learning Facilitation. We intend they will also serve as an incubator for an emerging network of Self-Directed Education projects in Greece.


Join us for 3 days camping in the stunning surroundings of Rainbow Gardens, a beautiful family farm in Grammatiko, Attica in June, July, August and September. 

Where? Rainbow Gardens, a beautiful family farm in Grammatiko, Attica.
How much? Each 3 day ALF Weekend (including food, camping pitch and training) is available for €80 for adults and €50 for children (aged 2 - 15). Alternatively, book your place on all 4 ALF Weekends in this series for €280 per adult and €160 per child.






Agile Learning Centers restore the joy of learning with a surprisingly effective educational approach: intentional culture supporting self-directed learning reinforced by agile management tools.


Nature Play ALC is part of an exponentially growing educational model designed to embrace all the complexity and unpredictability of our modern world! This is an emerging network of parents and educators who share tools, practices, and resources to help create an education system that is economically, ecologically and culturally adapted to our region of Central Greece.

Agile Life is about how we live and learn, work and play, as families, in our schools, in our business life and as church communities. We seek to ask big life-sized questions and discover life-changing answers, together. We learn by doing — courageously embracing the extraordinary mistakes we’re bound to make along the way — in order that we might grow in faith and share experiences which enrich and edify our lives, in Jesus name.

This training will inspire and equip participants to:


  • "Set-our-days" each morning by expressing needs and making offers in a daily co-creative design sprint!

  • Map our group process as we shift between the games we play we play them!

  • Navigate our way towards collective discipleship by making every agreement we hold together explicit, voluntary and reversible.  

  • Explore and unpack The Agile Life Tree in all its simplicity and complexity!

  • Discover answers to the many FAQ's we get asked concerning Agile Life's practical application, whether in relation to Mountains of family, education, church or business.

Got Questions?
A social technology (with a spiritual purpose).

Living an Agile Life is not about an idea, or a set of beliefs, or even a religion. It is about living in relationship with each other, and with one very special person.


The Agile Life Tree is an educational model explicitly intended to help ordinary people like us cultivate an everyday relationship with JesusBecause we believe the fruit of a life lived like Jesus is love, exceedingly and abundantly. In simple terms, the goal of the gospel is literally to become love!


Following Jesus is radical. Try it and you'll see! 

It's life-changing and world-changing, producing visible, measurable outcomes which powerfully impact our lives and those of others around us. 

So what's the vision? - we hear you ask!
It's every bit as simple as the gospel: to be disciples who make disciples by learning to live and love like Jesus—in every season, on every mountain, and in the life of every person.

How it Works


Self-directing learning is about starting wherever you find yourself, no matter how you got here. It’s about equipping people to step into lives lived on purpose. Agile Life is about equipping ourselves to discover and share practical learning outcomes in every season, on every mountain, and in the life of every person.

Intentional Culture: 

Intentional culture creation is about choosing to do life together. It’s about making every agreement explicit, reversible and voluntary, in order that we might learn, step by step, to love ourselves and others in practical, everyday ways.

Agile Management Tools: 

Finally, we learn to live and love by leveraging the same agile management tools which make organisations like Google, Facebook and Amazon tick. We believe the Kingdom of God is fruitful — exceedingly abundantly so. 

Join our Agile Life #Summer; an immersive, experiential learning journey into new ways of living and loving like Jesus. 


This intensive 10 day experience of Agile Life's discipleship model is designed to power up your whole body, soul and spirit. 


Every day a new story, every day the same simple toolkit for holding space together, every day the opportunity to co-create Jesus-centred learning experiences which reflect the needs and offerings of both children and adults.


We’ll start and end each day together, and generate the content of the program as well as a schedule for each day by leveraging the Agile Life toolkit. We'll unpack all the basics of the Agile Life Tree but don't expect a pre-fabricated curriculum. This is Spirit-led experiential learning — learning by doing!




Core Intention

Participants will gain experience and confidence in facilitating in the context of their everyday family life, at a school or youth group or in any other learning context. This is less about absorbing certain information, and more about learning to hold the space for learning by standing in authentic relationship with learners and the Logos Himself, King Jesus!

Join us on Rainbow Gardens - our family farm close to Athens in Central Greece - for a 10 day family-friendly learning intensive in this brand new thing called Agile Life.

Days 1 - 2: The Basics

A two-day introduction to Agile Life, Rainbow Gardens and our brand new community for the next 10 days!


Participants will be invited to make offerings and hold spaces to introduce themselves to the group in whichever ways feel most comfortable.


We'll start and end every day with a time of intimate, unstructured prayer and worship. We'll play games and check-in each morning, before following the rhythm Agile Life keeps during our regular workshops: morning intention-setting, daily exploring, creation and play, then regrouping in the afternoon to reflect and share. 

Days 3 - 8: Learning by Doing

This is where the experiential learning kicks in! Once we've grasped the basics we'll start to make offerings and requests which dive deeper into the underlying assumptions, principles and practices which make Agile Life distinctive, whilst also taking time to share our own personal experiences of the opportunities and challenges we face. 


You'll learn how to hold a real life Agile Learning Community together in practical ways. Participants are invited to take leadership roles, side by side with experienced facilitators and there'll be plenty of time to go deeper into discussions and projects related to your individual goals for the program.

Day 9-10: Reflection and Feedback

An informal day for reflecting and debriefing together. This is the time for getting feedback via peer reviews, reflecting on the gaps in your own skills you’d like to close, and deepening relationships with other budding Agile Life facilitators. And of course, giving thanks for everything God has been doing!

Because following Jesus is more than a religion, it’s a relationship.
So let's step into a bold new season of authentic Jesus-centred relationships with one another, starting this summer!


Full participation including food and accommodation (camping, with additional options available), will cost €1200 per adult. Applications are now open for a generous supply of scholarships places, offering discounts of €400 or €800 depending on your needs.

If these training fees are not affordable for you and your family please contact Marcus via email so we can work out a better plan together.


All children aged 2 - 15 will receive a standard 50% discount on adult fees, with no fee for under 2’s.

A wholesome and hearty breakfast, lunch and supper will be lovingly prepared by our hosts. Meals will be mostly vegetarian and vegan friendly, and sourced locally from organic producers wherever possible. In 2017 and 2018 we sourced over 70% of our food from local and organic suppliers.

Campsite facilities include showers, compost toilets, a communal kitchen and a diversity of well shaded living spaces. Tents can be provided if requested in advance. In addition, more comfortable options include an on-site AirBNB apartment and luxury bell tents - download the PDF for more info! - complete with a choice of camping beds and air mattresses.

Childcare will be provided during the opening and closing ceremonies. Participants’ children will attend the camp - just like regular participants -  during the "learn by doing" and "community canvas" phases.

A full and professional quality translation into Greek language is available on request for the benefit of both adults and children.

We can offer recommendations on how to get here and for great places to stay and things to do in Athens, just ask! We can also provide online tools to help folks travel together and share costs.

Who's behind this?

Our first ever Agile Life Summer is produced by Marcus and Emily Letts, founders of Agile Life and Nature Play ALC. 

Nature Play ALC is an educational startup which hosts regular workshops and summer camps in agile learning facilitation in the wider context of free and unstructured play in the wild outdoors of Athens and North Evia.

Children's activities will be offered by Tilly West and Nate White of Little Monkeys - a ministry of Father's House Shaftesbury (UK). TBC!

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